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Damon Moats invites you to bookmark this site as a great resource for the best in Maryland, DC and Virginia area real estate information, homes for sale and other timely real estate issues.

In a place that offers an amazing lifestyle, there is a real estate professional to match. Make the most of your real estate opportunities today and count on Damon Moats.


For millions of homeowners, trying to balance their budgets while maintaining a mortgage that is more than the value of the home itself is becoming nearly impossible. Add in the threat of scams, con artists and people who are willing to take advantage of vulnerable homeowners and the scale continues to tip the wrong way.

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) my first priority is to help distressed homeowners find a way to tip the scale back in their favor and bring some balance back to their lives.  If anyone you know may need my expertise, please have them visit my CDPE Website for more information and then contact me for a confidential consultation.


Client Testimony

It does not matter if you are a current resident of the DMV area or newly relocating to the area, Damon Moats of Moats Realty should be your real estate consultant.  He is full service realtor that has both insight and knowledge about the real estate markets and communities.  He knows how to match your needs and wants to the right market and community.

We are the Bosticks, originally from Texas and are now happy to say residents of northern Virginia.  We recently relocated and are proud to say we successfully closed on a residence in the northern Virginia area in mid June.  However, the process began in early March and Damon Moats was there at the beginning.  It was his calming voice, and a voice of reason that guided us to selecting a property during our seven days house hunting trip. .  Coming from Texas where real estate is more affordable and experiencing sticker shock with northern Virginia prices, Damon was a calming voice.  He listened to our needs, wants, and budget, and ultimately guided us to the property that met our approval during our visit.  He is an excellent negotiator and evaluator of properties that match the specified need.  He is a great resource and provided us with relocation information about the area that helped facilitate our search and transition.  He is a full service realtor.  He provided insight into what could be done to make the property fit our needs and style of living.  His assistance extended post purchase by providing us with contacts that allowed us to personalize our property.  We highly recommend Damon Moats of Moats Realty to anyone looking to purchase a residence in the DMV area. ~The Bosticks


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